Oprah says that when we know better, we do better.

Is that true?

That would mean that…

  • we know that getting more rest is good for us, so we do it.
  • we know that exercising and eating well will make us feel and look the way we’d like to, so we do it.
  • we know we’re stuck in a bad relationship or job or habit, so we change it.

Maybe you’ve bought into this myth. Maybe you recognize the things in your life that aren’t working for you, and you’ve set out to change it. And it hasn’t worked. And you’ve beaten yourself up about it. I’ve heard the little voice in your head that says, “I should be able to do this! What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get this right?”


I’ve learned that information is simply not enough

to create lasting change.


Maybe you can relate:

In an effort to be healthy and improve your energy, you start to eat better. Preparing your own meals is fun at first, and you feel really good about your choices. Then life gets stressful, and you find yourself slipping into old habits – too much take-out, unhealthy snacks, or as Mindy Kaling says, “I zero out my fridge every night before I go to bed.” (I’ve been there!) Back to square one.

Your calendar is ridiculous. Your desire to accomplish great things and be a good person has led you to commit to so much. Between work, extra courses, volunteering, and hosting the book club, there’s hardly a blank slot to be found in your schedule. In an effort to find more balance and less stress, you start bowing out of some activities. It feels so good to have some time to decompress. But pretty soon, you feel pressured to say yes again. Before you know it, you feel your head nodding in agreement as you enter an appointment into your phone, all the while wondering, “How did I get here? I thought I was over this.”

Some people say that if you can’t stick with it, you just don’t want it badly enough. Others say you need more discipline or will-power. The little voice in your head has likely echoed these sentiments on more than one occasion, am I right?

The truth is, it’s normal to struggle with change. It only means that you’re human. It is normal, but there is a better way. If pushing and striving and pressuring yourself isn’t working, perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

You can change. I can help.

I help accomplished women cultivate lasting change so that they free themselves from repeating the same old patterns and finally put their energy into things that light them up.

The women I’ve coached have enjoyed the following shifts:

  • finally, effortlessly losing twenty pounds
  • taking dysfunctional family relationships and making them healthy
  • starting a business or project so that work becomes a unique expression of your soul’s purpose
  • quitting a soul-sucking job
  • making tough decisions with clarity
  • saying no without feeling guilty

After the shift, you’ll feel lighter, happier, and more fulfilled. You’ll feel confident to move ahead in the direction of your own choosing without guilt. Each woman’s story is unique, and I’d love for you to share yours with me. With honesty and compassion, I’ll help you move through this challenge with grace.

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