Your heart is full of genuine desire
to help others flourish in this complicated world
If only you could ease their burden
Create the space within which they can spread their wings
And watch with bated breath as they take flight
Cheering them on as they begin their journey
Wanting to be the wind in their sails
The ground beneath their feet
The water to quench their thirst
The fire to set their dreams alight
The food to sustain them


The well of concern you carry for others
Is indescribable, really
From a young age, you could read their faces
You could sense what was on their hearts
And you would busy yourself
Protecting them
Soothing them
Keeping emotional danger at bay
So they would be unaffected
By the challenges of the real world
The womb held your babies
But it extends beyond the limits of your physical form
An energetic incubator that extends to
All those who enjoy your care and concern


Wanting to hold them
Wanting to keep them safe
No danger
No conflict
Let there be peace in this place


When others are unsettled, you cannot rest
You sense the imbalance and are compelled
To be the ballast that evens it all out


A chameleon, able to become whatever is needed to right the ship
Reacting instinctively to keep it all afloat
Intuiting, adapting, anticipating, reacting
Your sacrifice enables their ease




Where is your wind, your water?
Your ground, your fire?
Where is the food to sustain YOU?


Who is this being that rights the ship?
Tell me of her dreams
Show me the way to her heart


There are moments
You don’t tell anyone about
There are moments
When you wish you could be one of those women
Who don’t give a fuck
Flowers in her hair
A tattooed goddess
Who moves with abandon
Unafraid to take up space
Knowing exactly who she is
Self-possessed and self-assured
She claims her desire with confidence


You envy her….
But could you ever be her?
In midnight dreams, she appears
Your alter-ego
Lighting her own path
With fire & fierceness
That you wish you could embody…


But could you ever be her?
Just for one day
Just for a moment
To feel that freedom
Would be heavenly


But could you ever be her?
Falling back down to earth
You feel the shackles
Tying you to a way of being
That is silently killing your soul


The emptiness floods in
Reminding you of how you’ve abandoned yourself


The girl who sang too loud in the choir
The girl who ate balls of butter at brunch
The girl who cut her hair short and told everyone she was beautiful
The one who hung from monkey bars completely unafraid
And had ice cream with her pie
The one who felt the wind in her hair
Riding her bike with feet pedalling quickly, so quickly
The streamers on the handlebars
A celebration of joy and of life itself


She’s a distant memory now.
You left her long ago.
Sacrificed her free spirit
Because somebody has to do it
Somebody has to keep it together


It felt like the right thing to do
Or maybe the only thing
Either way, society’s applause rang out
For your willingness to become a silent partner
For your ability to shrink so small
The world calls you a saint for
Letting your light go out
Because your brightness, they say,
Somehow interferes with the balance.


And it’s true that your role supports the world
The world as it is right now
The world that is unaccustomed to women taking up space
Raising their voices
Insisting on what’s right
Despite the way things are or seem to have always been
They require your participation to keep it all going


But if you walk through the woods, to where the stream flows
If you sit by the riverside and close your eyes
If you get really quiet, really still
If you sink beneath all the noise
You can hear it


The wisdom of our ancestors sprouts up from the earth
“Lies. They’ve told you lies. Don’t listen. Don’t listen.”
The Mother wants you to know the truth


The wind in their sails is your freedom
The ground beneath their feet is your truth
The water that quenches their thirst
is the creative nectar that flows from your lips
The fire that sets their dreams alight is your same fire
Their energy is amplified when you eat the food too.


They never told you
A woman who gives a fuck is magical
When she decides to own her power and step into the fullness of her being
The light is so bright that the path becomes clear
Illuminated by her grace and desire
Upheld by her commitment to honour her truth
She shows the way to all who would crave freedom
She holds space for the expression of wholeness
She is the embodiment of the expansiveness of the human spirit
And her resilient vessel is a shelter
For the whole world


She moves with strength and courage
Forging a new and authentic path
Taking it all in, she sees her loved ones
Gathering around, coming along,
Emulating her example
Knowing that this is the way to live.


With integrity.
With courage.


Because she cares so much that she takes the risk.
She creates the path upon which the children will walk.
Easing their way not by sheltering them from the storm,
But by walking through it and showing the way.


The woman who gives a fuck will change the world.



My name is Brigid Dineen, and I am a Resilience Coach for Women on a Mission. Known for my deep empathy and grounded approach to personal growth, I have been teaching, coaching, and supporting women for over a decade as they learn to put themselves on the priority list. As the creator of Boundary Queen, I provide practical tools and strategies for self-care to help you reclaim your time, energy and peace of mind.

I believe in a world where wellbeing comes first – that includes the wellbeing of marginalized folx. I’m a fierce intersectional feminist, and this work is my feminism in action. Just so we’re clear, here’s where I stand:

Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter, Climate Change is Real, Trump is Terrifying, and the Pandemic is NOT a Hoax.

I share these views here because you deserve to work with someone who shares your values, so I want you to know mine up front.

“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.” (Irish Proverb) Let’s take care of one another. 

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