it's time to reclaim your life
you are built for more than putting out fires 
and cleaning up other people's messes.
Do you...
  • Say "yes" out of guilt when you'd rather say "no?"
  • Hesitate to share the truth about what you want so you don't rock the boat?
  • ​Feel pressured to sacrifice your priorities for others, leaving you drained and depleted?
  • ​Wish you could opt out of the drama and be at peace with your choices?
  • ​Continue to accept poor treatment from people, even though you said you wouldn't?

You keep telling yourself: 

"I shouldn't complain." 
"I should just be grateful." 
"I should be able to handle it."

Self-sacrifice is a cultural imperative that has been written 
on the bones of women for generations.

And it's time for a new normal.

  • Feeling so clear and confident in your needs and desires that you could say "no" without guilt or awkwardness.
  • ​Tapping into a sense of freedom in your daily life and reclaiming your power to choose how you spend your time and energy.
  • ​Putting yourself on the priority list, truly living from a place of knowing that your needs matter just as much as anyone else's.
  • ​Speaking up with calm strength, even with difficult people and in challenging situations.
  • Getting so connected to what matters most to you that other people can no longer sweep you up in their drama.
Kindness and boundaries go hand in hand. 
Let me show you how.
Boundary Queen
 is a 3-month private 1-on-1 coaching program that will help you reclaim your life
Here's what's included...
Month One:
Assess Your Boundaries
  • Get clear on where your boundaries are working...and where they're holding you back.
  • Learn the 4 different boundary styles, and discover exactly what healthy boundaries look like.
  • ​Understand where fear is keeping you stuck...and what to do about it.
Unpack Your Patterns
  • Develop deep and compassionate understanding for yourself and how you got here.
  • Practice a growth mindset to move from self-criticism to self-awareness and self-love.
  • ​Zero in on the habits of reactivity that keep you feeling powerless and at the mercy of other people's whims.
Create Safety for Yourself
  • Build your capacity to do hard things and increase your resilience
  • ​Learn strategic self-care practices to create energy and cultivate calm when you need it
  • ​Discover what steps to take to reclaim your day and set your own priorities IRL
Month Two:
Body Wisdom 
  • Learn a powerful short cut to finding your truth - no more second-guessing yourself.
  • ​Discover how to actually make better decisions about your boundaries that you won't regret later.
  • ​Get out of your head and into your heart to create a life that feels as good as it looks.
Befriending Anger
  • Get your anger on your side and harness it in a healthy way.
  • ​Let go of feeling overwhelmed by anger, or afraid that you won't be able to control it.
  • ​Reclaim the energy you need to do what's right for you in the face of social pressure.
  • Put joy on the to-do list today.
  • ​Rediscover what brings you joy...or discover it for the first time.
  • ​Free yourself from believing that you need to delay your happiness for "someday"
Month Three:
Call Your Power Back
  • Learn how to turn the volume down on the voice in your head that tells you that you don't have a choice about how you spend your time and energy.
  • ​Practice strength and kindness in the same breath.
  • Feel energized and ready to chart your course with intention rather than falling into your next steps in life.
Courageous Conversations
  • Feel confident and ready to make your needs known...without getting caught up in whether or not it will be well-received.
  • ​Discover how to craft a caring message that honours what's true for you...even if it might disappoint others.
  • ​Develop the communication skills you need to stand for your boundaries, even when it feels daunting.
Dissolving Guilt
  • Learn how to work through the difficult feelings that arise when you begin to put your needs on the list so that they no longer run your life or paralyze you.
  • ​Find the freedom to do what you actually want instead of what you feel obligated to do.
  • ​Discover a powerful technique to dissolve guilt and let go of feelings that don't serve you.
let's do this!
You deserve a life that feels as good as it looks.
Boundary Queen - single payment
Tax included for CAD residents
  • 6 x 75-minute private coaching calls - two each month
  • Powerful Self-Reflection Exercises
  • Personalized Self-Care Practices to Regulate Your Nervous System
  • Guided Meditations to Tap Into Your Personal Power
boundary queen - payment plan
3 Instalments of $565 tax included for CAD residents
  • 6 x 75-minute private coaching calls - two each month
  • Powerful Self-Reflection Exercises
  • Personalized Self-Care Practices to Regulate Your Nervous System
  • Guided Meditations to Tap Into Your Personal Power
with Boundary Queen, you can look forward to:
  • Going about your business with a clear mind instead of spending all week dreading your upcoming visit with your mother because you know she's going to do that thing and that will set you off and it will go how it always does, which is not well.
  • ​Saying, "I'm not going," when you don't want to spend time with certain people - and not feeling guilty about it.
  • ​Deeply knowing that your life is your own, feeling in charge of your choices and having more patience for the people you care about.
  • Spending your time and energy on things that match your values, no longer caught up in checking boxes that just keep you busy rather than fulfilled.
  • ​Feeling way less affected by the pressure that others might put on you to sacrifice yourself for their priorities. 
  • ​Trusting yourself to make the right decisions for you based on what matters most - not based on trying to avoid conflict or doing your best not to disappoint people.
You'll have 24/7 lifetime access to your coaching calls and personalized practices. 

We'll meet twice a month for personal coaching. Just you & me, and a whole lot of growth.

You'll have me in your corner all the way through with e-mail support.
Here's what people are saying about working with Brigid...
"Brigid is truly interested in bringing it all together—mind, body, and spirit. I have truly thought that she was a gift sent to me. She has given me the tools to get through the hardest year of my life. Truly don’t know how I would have made it through without her."

"Brigid was a tremendous help and support to me throughout our coaching experience. She was thoughtful, patient, funny and insightful, often helping me to see the circumstances of my life in new and meaningful ways. She offered incredibly useful tools and techniques to slow down and identify what I was thinking and feeling during especially challenging experiences. I can't thank her enough for offering me the perspective and accountability that I needed to make some important changes in my life. Brigid is truly wonderful at what she does and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!"

"Brigid’s guidance has really helped me become aware of my priorities and the reasons behind them. It allowed me to be more conscious about decisions I was making in life, work, love, health. As a result, I feel that working with Brigid has been integral to where I am now in terms of my career – I’m actually working on my business and contributing to a women’s network. I feel less overwhelmed and more grounded. My relationship with my parents has improved greatly, as well as my relationship with my boyfriend. I'm in a great place now."

“I’m a solo entrepreneur and although I’m very motivated and hardworking, I often feel like I’m still not doing enough, or making the best, most productive choices about how to spend my time. Since our work together, I feel more like I can trust myself to make good choices. When I notice myself feeling guilty about taking time for myself, I’m able to let the bad feelings go and instead enjoy and appreciate the time I’m taking for self-care. 

As soon as you start talking to Brigid you know you’re in incredibly capable, caring and knowledgeable hands. She asks great questions and gets right to the heart of what’s going on – and then provides simple, actionable suggestions to help you deal with your issues. I’d recommend working with Brigid to anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed and overworked (which is everyone I know)."

Q: Why do I need Boundary Queen?

A: If you find yourself suppressing your true desires because you feel guilty, don't want to disappoint people, or struggle not to crumble under the awkwardness of saying "no," you probably already know what it's costing you. You're spending time, energy, and mental labour figuring out how to keep it all afloat, but in the meantime? Your needs are dying on the vine. If you want more freedom, peace of mind, energy, time, and ease communicating your needs, you won't want to miss this.

Q: How is Boundary Queen different from other coaching programs?

A: Let's be honest: there is a wealth of information out there. The difference between getting something intellectually and actually being able to integrate it into your life is the special sauce that Boundary Queen provides. It's not just about knowing. Because when it comes to boundaries, you can read something that makes a lot of sense, and still feel stuck when it comes to applying it to your life in real time. Boundary Queen bridges that gap. It's about doing and being in order to actually create the shift you crave. Throughout the program, you'll be taking inspired action both when it comes to strategic self-care as well as courageous conversations. You'll discover how to resource yourself to do the hard things that matter. Additionally, this program has loads of support through one-on-one coaching sessions and e-mail support between calls to help you apply healthy boundary principles to your life in ways that are meaningful to you right now.

Q: Is this therapy?

No. The methods and strategies used in Boundary Queen are derived from professional coaching along with mind-body techniques based in yoga and meditation. In no way is this program or are any of Brigid Dineen's services a substitute for professional mental health care. If you are working with a mental health care professional, this program may compliment your therapy, but will not replace it.

Q: How will Boundary Queen help me develop healthy boundaries?

A: Most of us aren't taught what healthy boundaries look like. We're left to figure it out for ourselves, long after patterns of people-pleasing and trying-to-be-good are deeply ingrained. Boundary Queen calls a time-out on all of that. You'll develop deep self-awareness about the beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a pattern of self-sacrifice, and take the exact steps you need to loosen their hold on you. You'll cultivate an empowered mindset that deeply reflects your values and allows you to feel strong when you're standing up for yourself. You'll learn strategic self-care techniques to help create a sense of calm, help your body release tension, help you develop a deep well of self-compassion, and help you find the energy you need to make the changes in your life that will ultimately change everything. 

Q: How long is Boundary Queen?

A: The program is 12 weeks long...and the results will last you a lifetime!

Q: What kind of support will I get from Brigid?

A: You'll receive 6x75-minute coaching sessions with Brigid over the course of 3 months. Your sessions can be recorded if you wish for future reference. You'll also receive detailed notes about your session, along with e-mail support in between calls. 

Q: What if it feels like putting everyone else first is what love looks like? What if I can't envision a world where it's ok to put myself on the priority list?

A: Girl, I've been there. Many of us have (or are), and most people aren't talking about it. That's why Boundary Queen exists. These are the kinds of beliefs we'll work through together as we create a new culture rather than sacrificing ourselves to keep up with the unrealistic and unhealthy standards of the current culture in which we find ourselves (at home, at work, in the world). I guarantee you that it's possible to be kind and loving and have healthy boundaries all at the same time. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

A: There are no refunds for Boundary Queen. Take the time to determine whether this program is right for you before you commit. Hop on a call with Brigid to see if it's a fit.
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