Do you ever feel like you're going through the motions? 
Like you’ve become a passenger in your own life, just going along for the ride? 
What if you could climb into the driver’s seat?
What if you could feel present and intentional in your daily life? 
Mindfulness for Busy People is here!
Do you sometimes wonder...
"What am I actually doing with my life?"
It’s hard to say when it happened, but somewhere along the line, when responsibilities started piling up, you stopped feeling like you were in charge. 

At first, it just felt like it was time to put others first and step up to the challenge...but deep down? There’s an unsettled feeling, a quiet resentment. 

You’re frustrated and often find yourself on edge with your loved ones. When you do manage to have some quality time with them, it doesn’t feel how you thought it would because you’re not really always there. 

I mean, you’re physically there, but your mind is caught up in worry about all the other things you should be doing. But everyone has stress, and this is just the way it is, right? 

Everyone feels this way, and looks for relief through shopping, food, name it.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

I'm just going to come out and say this... 
You can absolutely drop beneath the noise and start living on purpose.
Think about that for a second... 

What if it didn’t have to be this way?
What if you could feel like you’re in control of your life again? 
Let me ask you... What if you could climb into the driver’s seat?
What if you could ditch the confusion, relieve the overwhelming waves of stress and anxiety, and be that calm, clear, PRESENT person you totally want and need to be? 

Sounds pretty fabulous, right? 
YASSSS!!! It most certainly does!
Meditation is a keystone habit that helps everything fall into place.

The trick is, like all good things, you have to actually do it 
for it to work. 

This program is perfect for establishing a practice that fits your life.
"Part way through the course, I had a breakthrough. I realized that fear and worry, for me, are stuck together too much. I can separate them now. I can be worried and not afraid, and be afraid and not be worried. They can be two separate things, which is more manageable. I can recognize my own emotional reactions more consciously."
Mindfulness for Busy People 
 is an introductory course in Mindfulness and Self-Compassion 
that will give you the tools you need to 
come home to yourself.
This 4-week program includes:

  •  A library of beautiful meditations of varying lengths - 7, 15, 30 minutes (total of 12 meditations, with new ones being added every month) 
  •  No-nonsense, inspiring weekly educational videos (I respect your time, so I get right to it!) & worksheets for self-reflection
  •  Daily prompts for everyday mindfulness activities (to boost your presence all day long!) 
  •  Daily educational e-mails to keep you on track (because #accountability!) 
  •  Monthly live (online) meditations to help you recommit to your practice all year long 
  •  Membership in uplifting online community (private FB group) with on-going support directly from Brigid 
  •  Lifetime access to the program, which means that you can participate in the program whenever you need a refresher & receive all the future updates to the course (just like you, this only gets better with age!) - PRICELESS!!!
At $397 CAD, this is an amazing value.
You really really do! Haven't you struggled long enough? 
(Yes. Yes, you have. Now is the time.)

Lasting change happens from the inside out.
When you drop the judgment and meet yourself where you are, 
everything becomes more clear.
You can drop the armour. 

You can take off the mask.

You can soften towards yourself and 
honour your very real experience. 

Because this is where our power lies 
- in the present moment. 

When we become more skilled at coming back to it, we effectively build a road back to our power.
"One word I walk away with after taking the course: Power. I feel so much power over my thoughts, my behaviour, my actions... my life. Feeling more in tune with myself has allowed me more control over situations; therefore, giving me the power to take the necessary 'mindful' actions."
What others are saying about Mindfulness for Busy People
"As a doctor and psychotherapist, I've known the benefits of mindfulness for some time. Now I can recommend it to patients knowing what it's like from the inside out.

When I'm feeling stressed, I can check in and notice...what am I feeling? What am I thinking? And I can return to that place, rather than being stuck on a roller coaster."
"The course has shifted for me knowing something intellectually (e.g. benefits of mindfulness, of meditation of the role of the ego, etc) to knowing it and experiencing it as a spiritual practice; wholeheartedly. I feel more connected to myself than I have in years. And so I am more connected in all of my relationships as a result."
"After taking the course, the state of mindfulness feels more accessible to me - it really does. I’m very grateful for that. 

When I’m super irritated on a phone call, or when I travel, I can call into mind that full body awareness and I key into relaxation more easily. I key into letting go of the stress and tension more easily." 
Want to be sure that Mindfulness for Busy People is Right for You?
Hi, I’m Brigid Dineen. For the past 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women build a life that resonates. My clients have left toxic jobs and marriages, learned to have healthy relationships (and found love!). They've taken back control of  emotional eating, escaped the perfectionist trap, embraced healthy lifestyle choices, and discovered how to live more consciously.

They are no longer going through the motions and taking what they can get. They have reconnected to what matters, and they’re building lives that resonate.
My clients have told me that my particular approach to Mindfulness is like no other. Many of them had taken other courses before our work together, and it never really stuck until they joined Mindfulness for Busy People. That's when it finally "clicked".

I’m passionate about helping women cultivate real change that lasts and I created this course to do just that. Without these practices, I see women starting and stopping, stuck in the all-or-nothing cycle, wishing they could sustain the choices that they know will benefit them. All too often, they start strong only to fall apart in a matter of weeks. Singing the same old song, they’re ashamed that they just can’t seem to get it together.

I created this course to put an end to all that. Armed with the skills you develop in this course, you will know how to choose the right goals and steer your boat in the right direction (instead of getting carried off by the current). You’ll have so much more energy (mental, emotional & physical) to focus on what matters most, instead of wasting so much time stuck in self-criticism. With your inner critic on vacation, imagine how much bandwidth you’ll have to focus on the things you deeply want to experience and create in your life.

Sustainable habit change is baked right into this course. I see so many programs that teach you great information, but when it comes to supporting the implementation? They fall flat. They leave you to "DIY it", and then it just becomes another thing you bought once upon a time, sitting in your inbox, collecting digital dust.
I don’t want that for you. That's why we have a facebook group and daily e-mails.

My journey with Mindfulness and self-compassion began fifteen years ago, when I was looking for solutions to some pretty deep stuff. I had been diagnosed with anxiety & depression, and I had a binge eating disorder that I couldn’t shake. Therapy was helpful, but I wouldn’t have healed as well as I did without strong self-care practices that I could continue as a lifestyle (and still do!).

I know what it’s like to suffer. I know what it’s like to wish for solutions. I can’t promise that this course will heal all your stuff (that would be shady), but what I can promise is that these practices will open the door to a brighter future, and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Brigid’s Mindfulness for Busy People course. I found the “Being with Discomfort” meditations the most powerful and they have had a positive impact on my ability to deal with negative situations and emotions. I have learned so much about mindfulness through this course and I still use the meditations every week." 
What’s included with the course?
Fantastic Question! 
This course is stacked with SO MUCH content to help you on your journey to mindfulness! Here's what's included when you purchase Mindfulness for Busy People:

• Gorgeous Mindfulness Meditation Library (Yours to keep) - 12 guided meditations (4x7 minutes, 4x15 minutes, 4x30 minutes)
• 4 Foundational Educational Videos (lifetime access)
• Worksheets to help you deepen your insights each week (It's all about integration!)
• Community connection & support through the course Facebook group (Together, we rise!)
• Monthly live meditations where we meet as a group online to stick with the practice, or come back to it.
• Lifetime access to the course, including all future updates to the program (It only gets better with age!)
Are all the meditations different?
Each week covers a different theme. 
The 3 meditations for that week build on one another, so they’re essentially the same, but different lengths. The longer ones go deeper into the same theme. There are bonus meditations to supplement your practice beyond the 4 weeks as well. 🌟
What if I fall behind?
No worries, no judgment!! 

There’s nothing to catch up on. There is no “remedial meditation.” Simply start afresh when you can. The materials are yours to keep, so you can implement them at any time.💜
How much time will this take every week?
There’s a lot of flexibility here. You can choose your own adventure (children of the 80's know what I'm talking about here!)

The videos are between 5 and 10 minutes each, and the meditations are 7, 15, and 30 minutes long. You can stick with the shortest option if that’s what works best for you, so if you really wanted to keep it low-commitment, you could spend less than 10 minutes a day on it. I do recommend meditating daily if you can, since the benefits are cumulative and you’ll likely experience better results. You might choose shorter ones during the week and longer ones on weekends. 

At the same time, past participants who missed a week or meditated 4 times a week still said it made a big difference in their lives. I encourage you to meet yourself where you are, and allow it to fit your lifestyle. 

You do not have to get this "perfect." I promise.
How does it work?
You'll get immediate access to all the content when you sign up. The course is structured so that you watch one video each week and practice the accompanying meditations. You then watch the second video the following week, and so on. I recommend watching the video right away, downloading the recordings, and downloading your worksheet for personal reflection. You'll own the recordings, so you can listen to them on any device. 

You'll receive daily e-mails with interesting facts about mindfulness and everyday mindfulness practices to help deepen the experience. Live meditations take place once a month.
Can I keep the recordings of the meditations?
Yes! You’ll have a library of 12 meditations of various lengths to come back to plus bonus meditations to support your practice going forward.
How long is the course?
The course is 4 weeks, starting as soon as you complete your purchase. You can go through it at your own pace.
Is it hard?
Yes and no. (I'm always going to keep it real with you!) 

This program is designed to be very doable, so in that respect, it’s easy. Meditation itself can be challenging, but you’ll find that the way I explain the concepts along with the tone of the meditations really supports you in the moments that feel challenging. 

At the same time, Mindfulness can bring our stuff to light. It helps us to be honest about where we are, and to see ourselves and our struggles clearly. That can be uncomfortable, and it requires some emotional labour. In week 3, we purposely meditate on discomfort, practicing being present with it. We build our self-compassion muscles so that we can be present with our lived reality. 

That means recognizing and sitting with whatever emotions come up, like sadness, anger, name it. Most people feel quite relaxed during the meditations, but the practice certainly does wake us up. It’s best to be aware of this as you embark on the program and practice self-care by only signing up if you feel that you are ready.
Can I get a refund?
Mindfulness for Busy People comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
Who is this course best suited for?
This course is best suited for busy people who are new to meditation, those who have dabbled but never fully embraced mindfulness, and for experienced meditators who would like some support to recommit to a regular practice.
Who shouldn’t take this course?
Everyone should take it! (That's what every past participant has told me - LOL!)

In all honesty though...

Those who have lots of experience with meditation might not get as much out of the experience. Any practice takes time to integrate. If you’re looking for a quick fix, or something you only need to do once, this is not for you. 

This practice invites you to deepen your relationship to yourself, so if you’re not ready for that, this course may not be the best fit for you right now.

Honour your wisdom, and follow the resonance.

If you've experienced trauma in your life, a mindfulness practice can go either way. It might be very helpful or it might be triggering, so please, take good care in making your decision to participate.
" This course was the perfect opportunity to put less pressure on myself. I gave myself permission to practice in a way that worked for me. I needed to shift away from intense work, and get back in touch with putting myself first. I started off the year grounded, and this course really supported that. It fit in perfectly with everything that I’m doing to focus on my well-being." 
- Caila
Got Questions of Your Own? 
Here's a recap of what you get when you join Mindfulness for Busy People 
  • A library of beautiful meditations of varying lengths - 7, 15, 30 minutes (total of 12 meditations, plus bonus meditations) 
  •  No-nonsense, inspiring weekly educational videos (I respect your time, so I get right to it!) and worksheets for self-reflection 
  •  Daily prompts for everyday mindfulness activities (to boost your presence all day long!) 
  •  Daily educational e-mails to keep you on track (because #accountability!)  
  •  On-going live monthly meditations all year long (together, we rise)
  •  Membership in uplifting online community (private FB group) with on-going support directly from Brigid 
  •  Lifetime access to the program, which means that you can participate in the program every time it runs & receive all the future updates to the course (just like you, this only gets better with age!) - PRICELESS!!!
At only $397 CAD, this is an amazing value. 
2017 Brigid Dineen
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