Be Well

It’s time to put yourSELF on your priority list

Twelve weeks of one-on-one wellness coaching

to reclaim your strength, energy, and peace of mind


Have you lost count of how many times you’ve stopped and started with healthy habits?

Despite your initial enthusiasm and deep desire, you just can’t seem to find your groove?

You’re not alone.

Let’s be honest. Habit change is hard.

We live in a “just do it” culture that tells us that if we don’t meet our goals, it’s because we don’t want it badly enough. We rely on willpower to get us through. And that might work for some people, which is great. 

But so many of us are left behind by this thinking. What if you want something really badly, but you seem to keep sabotaging yourself? Each time you get derailed, you chalk it up to personal weakness and steel yourself up for the next try. But if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

There is another way.

It’s time to put yourSELF on the priority list.

Let’s be honest. There’s some fear around making real change. After all, change is hard. What if you fail?

What if you succeed?

Life will get so much better. More satisfying. More fulfilling.

Oprah often quotes Maya Angelou and says, “When we know better, we do better.” I find that with healthy lifestyle habits, that’s not always the case. Even when we’re armed with more information than we need, we continue to struggle.

Life happens and throws you completely off, and it takes what feels like forever to get back on track. Often starting over from what feels like even further behind than you were in the first place.

I know that cycle all too well. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you had systems in place to support your habits so fully that it takes A LOT to throw you off?

What if your habits were so ingrained and natural that everything started to fall into place?

What if, when life does throw you off course, you didn’t fall so far? And you knew how to find your way back…quickly?

More energy.

Better focus.


Less effort, more flow.

Improved mood & mental health.

Better sleep.

No more all-or-nothing.

A new way of being.

It’s time to come home to yourSELF.

You’re ready to finally embrace healthy habits for the long term. You’re done with the empty promises of quick-fix “solutions” that have only left you burnt out and frustrated…and right back where you started. You’re ready to truly prioritize your wellbeing.

You’re excited to finally get the support you need so you can create real change. You’re looking forward to creating habits that sustain your mental and physical health. You’re excited at the prospect of untangling yourself from guilt and self-criticism so you can develop a beautiful relationship with yourself based on self-compassion. You’re ready to reclaim your energy and stand up for your needs.

As a result of this program, you will:

👑 Understand how to strategically choose the right habits to implement first so you can move the needle with less effort.

👑 Learn how to shift your behaviour incrementally and consistently so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

👑 Have a framework to deal with the obstacles that may derail you so you can get back on track quickly.

👑 Learn skills, systems, and practices to make behaviour change easier so you don’t have to rely so much on willpower.

👑 Build your confidence as you live a new story – one where you do the damn thing.

Spilled cup of pink liquid with the words, "Doing my best" in the liquid. Text on right side: "Ready to ditch the all-or-nothing cycle?

What’s included?

💜 Self-Care Snapshot: An assessment to clarify what’s currently working & what’s not.

💜 Envision Your Bright Future: A guided process to help you visualize your desires, set your intentions & chart your path – 90-minute coaching session.

💜 Personalized Progressive Wellness Plan: 12-week program including workouts, stress management practices, and healthy habit shifts to support your wellbeing

💜 Momentum Sessions: 11 weekly 60-minute coaching sessions every week. Sessions are customized to suit your needs and may include behaviour change coaching, personalized movement instruction, working through challenges, strategic self-care practices and more.

💜 Back-On-Track Framework: a step-by-step guide to help you find your groove again anytime you go off-course.

💜 Good Morning & Good Night: Follow-along morning & evening practice to set intentions & reflect.

💜 The Lasting Change Library: a collection of short, digestible videos to help you overcome the most persistent obstacles to lasting change.

💜 The Shift Sessions: a collection of guided meditations and mind-body practices to help you come home to yourSELF when you’ve lost your motivation, become self-critical, or run out of steam.

💜 Celebrate Your Success: 30-minute session at the end of 12 weeks to recognize your progress & chart your next steps.

Investment: $2000 + HST

Known for her deep empathy and grounded approach to personal growth, Brigid Dineen is a Resilience Coach for Women on a Mission. She has been teaching, coaching, and supporting women for over a decade as they learn to put themselves on the priority list. Brigid believes in a world where wellbeing comes first. She provides practical tools and strategies for self-care to help you reclaim your time, energy and peace of mind. 

What makes Brigid’s approach different is that she meets clients where they are and helps them find solutions that fit into their real lives. It’s like systems thinking for your wellbeing. She incorporates applied mindfulness and self-compassion techniques along with behaviour change methods based in neuroscience.

You’re in good hands with Brigid.

Brigid’s certifications & training include:

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

Trauma-Informed Yoga & Meditation Teacher, E-RYT – Yoga Alliance

Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor Specialist – CanFitPro

Continuing Education:

  • Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas Muscle
  • Yoga for PTSD
  • Restoring Balance: Training the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • YogaFit for Balancing Moods
  • YogaFit Pranayama
  • YogaFit for Improved Pelvic Floor Performance

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It’s time to put yourSELF on your priority list.

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I have learned so much about myself and the limitations I place on myself.  So much self doubt holds me back from doing the things I want to do.  Working with Brigid has given me the tools to assess how a specific situation makes me feel and decide whether or not I should continue on that path or follow the road less travelled. Brigid has the ability to put me at ease. I feel like she really understands where I am coming from. I am so happy when she points out the obvious and give me those aha moments. I think so many people can benefit from the clarity these coaching sessions bring. Anyone who feels like there is something else out there waiting for them or, those that feel their soul purpose is knocking on the door and they just can’t get clear on exactly what it is – should hire Brigid.  She helps paint the big picture and when you step back and look at it all, it’s a feeling like no other. She will help you put yourself first. She is very good at what she does.  To me, it seems like she has a sixth sense and intuition, or the natural ability to read people.  Brigid blows me away by her ability to really get me and understand where I’m coming from. I honestly don’t know where I’d be or what I’d be doing if I hadn’t started coaching sessions with Brigid.  She made me feel like I was actually capable of opening a business and creating a life I wanted that benefited me and my family.  I am so grateful that our paths crossed.  Brigid is an amazing guide who has helped me uncover a lot of layers and I feel like I am slowly emerging and becoming the person I am meant to be.

Amy Garcia-Baker