my love…
that world you’re carrying on your shoulders looks heavy
let me take it for the moment
why don’t you lay down and rest?

you care so deeply
you hold so much
believing it’s all your responsibility
to take care of everyone and everything
to show your value
to earn your keep
to prove your worth


my love…

your value is imprinted in your DNA
you’ve more than earned your keep   

in fact, it’s time to collect
you were born worthy
even though you may doubt it at times

be still for a moment
listen to your heart
can you hear it?
your heartbeat is the sound
of the Universe whispering…


You are safe
You are worthy
There is nothing you need to do
There is nothing you need to prove
You are already a beautiful miracle
You are already such a light
Your presence is a gift, for which
the Universe is eternally grateful


You are so loved