I used to dread planning the holiday season. There are so many competing interests, traditions are firmly entrenched, and expectations are high.

Do you ever feel pressured to say yes, just to make other people happy? Do you leave your own expectations unattended while you hustle to fulfill someone else’s vision of a happy holiday?

You might be tempted to just plan a vacation over the holidays so you can opt out of the madness – which is a great idea if that’s what resonates with you! But sometimes that’s just a fantasy about escaping some aspects of the experience rather than a real plan.


We often fall into this all-or-nothing thinking. Either do what everyone else wants, or take off and leave it all behind.


Just for today, I invite you to put all of that on pause, and consider what YOU want. (I can help you get clear on this – see below.)


I first started doing this for the holiday season a couple of years ago, and it changed everything. I wrote a page in my journal called “My Ideal Christmas.” I explored how much time I wanted to spend with family and friends, and in what context. I considered what elements of the season make me the happiest, and which ones just feel like an obligation. Then, the magic happened. Without any specific action on my part, the plans ended up very closely mirroring my desires. Family was around on the days that I had hoped they would be. I had alone time when I needed it. There was even a storm that prevented me from attending a gathering that I wasn’t really excited about. Now, I’m a little more direct, having built up my confidence when it comes to asking for what I want. So I won’t be shy about making plans that resonate with me this season, and not worrying about the rest.


Instead of starting with what everyone else wants, take a quiet moment to consider what matters to you. 


If everyone would be happy with your choice, what would you do for the holidays?

If nobody would get offended, what would you claim for yourself?

How do you want to feel this holiday season?

What values do you want to bring to life?


I invite you to pick up your journal and write a page or two about what your ideal holiday season would look like, if there were no strings attached.


I want to share this sense of freedom with you. I’ve made a special offer for the month of December called Ditch the Drama.


Ditch the Drama is for you if:

  • You’re tired of stretching yourself thin to make other people happy
  • Your family dynamics are a little dysfunctional and you want to get grounded & centred before the holidays begin
  • You need new strategies to engage with a complicated family – this is about self-preservation
  • You wish you could say “no” to the stuff that you dread without offending anyone


I’m so passionate about helping you feel empowered and free to choose what’s right for you that I’m offering this service for only $97 (tax included for Canadians). It’s a small price to pay to actually feel more peaceful this holiday season, don’t you think?


There are only 10 spots available, so be sure to claim yours now. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below.


Stay tuned for more tips to help you navigate the holiday season in the coming weeks.


With love,