Do you ever feel like your mind is a cluttered and scary place? Like you could convince yourself to take one action, and almost immediately make an equally convincing argument for the exact opposite choice?

We’re trained to rely on our brains from a very young age, but the truth is that we have so much more wisdom available to use – right under our heads.

Your body knows. Maybe you’ve felt it.

Tuning into the wisdom of the heart helps us to cut through the noise in our minds. As we clear mental clutter and connect to the body, we can feel the pull towards our next right thing. It’s a deeper sense of knowing, and it’s very reliable.

Decision making that listens only to the head leads us astray, into the land of “shoulds.” It’s a very sad place indeed, where we do things because our fourth grade teacher said so, or because everyone else is doing it, or because the latest research shows that it’s the most effective way. Effective is great – but it only works if the whole thing resonates with you.

Take high intensity interval training (HIIT), for instance. It’s an approach to cardio where you do really high intensity bursts, followed by a short recovery, and repeat the pattern for an efficient and effective workout. Great! If it appeals to you, you can use it to your advantage. However, some people would hate it. It would make them miserable, and they would probably not stick with it. Maybe they prefer to dance. Dancing is playful & expressive and opens the heart. If HIIT opens your heart…fabulous! Go for it! If it makes you feel like you’re shutting down…drop it.

Make the choice that resonates with your heart – it will bring you earlier success, with ease and grace. You’ll even enjoy the process!

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Ooooh! Theme song alert! Let’s sing “Get Out of My Head and Into My Heart” to the tune of “Get Out of My Dreams” by Billy Ocean!

Here. You can play the video and sing along. Ready? Go!