I recently went to Blue Spirit in Costa Rica for DevaTree’s yoga training, Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas Muscle. I had so many aha moments on this trip! The lessons were layered, my friends. Everywhere I turned, I internalized a deep sense of knowing about something profoundly important to me. I’m sharing these little gems in a series of blog posts entitled “Life Lessons from the Blue Zone.” This is the second in the series. Check back next week for more!

I sit overlooking the Costa Rican jungle.

Shades of green – emerald and jade and soft lime. A wondrous display of dimension. The movement of the canopy is more than a response to the wind. It is a pulsation from within. It is the heartbeat of all things, calling me back home to remember the oneness / feel the oneness. In the green bouquet I see her smile. The divinity we share is inalienable. I smile back in the knowing that I am her / She is me / We are One.

Let me remember this, Divine Mother. Let me soften and be held in this belonging – at home in all places. My home is my heart. And my heart is the Universe. I lay this armour down to be recycled into the Earth, and in my shedding of this hard shell, I am renewed. I sparkle. Full of prana. Full of trust.

Everything is already figured out. I needn’t burden myself with the analysis. The heart knows, and so I surrender to the deep knowing within.

Can I capture this? Can I hold it? As I allow myself to be fully present in this life-giving place, every cell is imbued with its wonder. My mind doesn’t have to find the right way to embed it – it is done. This is our natural intelligence. Only surrender. Only presence. And all is given.

I am home. I am home. I am home.

And now I ask, jungle, what is your message for me?

You are designed for peace and pleasure, so know that all else does not belong to you. The less you resist difficulty, challenges, obstacles, the more quickly you’ll return to your natural state, which is joyful, loving presence. You don’t need my shelter, because we are one. Let life flow through you like it flows through me. Wind through the branches. Deeply rooted. Swaying. Flowing. Life-supporting. Take what you need, like oxygen. Make no apologies. Stand to your fullest height. It is fruitless to shy away from your natural beauty, your effortless expression. It is your nature. The conditions are always right. Sing in the rain. Dance on the breeze. Let yourself be played by the elements and there you will be free.