I recently went to Blue Spirit in Costa Rica for DevaTree’s yoga training, Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas Muscle.The experience was so very rich. Everywhere I turned, I internalized a deep sense of knowing about something profoundly important to me. I’m sharing these little gems in a series of blog posts entitled “Life Lessons from the Blue Zone.” This is the fourth in the series. Check back next week for more!

Sitting on the beach, gazing out over the ocean, I felt myself opening up to receive its message.

El Pacifico, I am listening. Please share your truth with me. I want to know your heart.

My shores and my floor contain me. Within this vessel I am free to move. My movement is natural, flowing, coming and going. Each wave a new day, washing away whatever came before. My waters can be choppy, and have great force, but that’s simply an expression of the energy within. I can’t not be this way. I can’t feel a swell and decide not to make waves. The wave is born long before you see it. And so it comes and it goes – no decisions to be made, just energy to be felt, expressed and witnessed. My edges are moveable and unpredictable. My shore is different each day, and you’ll notice it changes in an instant. So transition can be fast when felt rather than planned. If it must come, it comes. If it must go, it goes. Can you feel the beauty of that? Yes, I know you can. So flow with me and all is well. Resist me and it won’t feel as good or be as fun. The choice is yours – struggle or flow. You don’t even need to make “the right choice” – just remember you always have one. And everything can change in an instant.

With each wave, I wash away the residue of ancient pain. I carry with me new gems for you to discover and contemplate. If you don’t like where you are, drop in and I will cleanse you. I will bring you new experiences, and you can choose to play or let me wash it away.