When I was a teenager, I had a Successories (remember those?) framed quote that I kept on my nightstand. It said:

“Courage: Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”


It always resonated with me so deeply. Society raises us to follow a path. Follow the rules. Choose something practical and lucrative to do with your life. Tick all the boxes and live happily ever after.

But my fifteen year old self already sensed that ticking the traditional boxes and following conventional rules wasn’t for me. The quote pulsed within me like a heartbeat, encouraging me to be brave enough to do things differently and to discover my own way.

Little did teenage me know, this is WAY easier said than done. So much of the ecosystem within which we find ourselves keeps us disconnected, numb or distracted. We’re taught to think things through and push our feelings down. 

We’ve got to learn to drop beneath the noise of social pressures, family expectations, and traditional norms if we’re to create a truly fulfilling life that honours our wholeness. 

We’ve got to come home to ourSELVES. 

Dropping beneath the noise is easier said than done, but with curiosity and practice, each of us can find our unique path that reliably brings us home, time and time again. 

Here are seven approaches to consider:

  1. Be in your body. Feel the support of the earth beneath you. Notice the dance of sensation in your cells. Be aware of your breath, coming and going. Notice that you’re here.
  2. Be still. Take a moment just pause. Notice your surroundings. Notice your inner experience. Be here now. Begin to tune into your environment so you can pick up on subtle clues and nods from the Universe that tell you you’re headed in the right direction.
  3. Journal to find clarity. If you’re feeling all caught up in your thoughts, overwhelmed or unclear, doing some stream of consciousness writing for a page or two can be quite helpful to move through whatever’s causing you to feel stuck. Writing things down helps to uncover what’s really going on so you know where to put your focus.
  4. Do something that delights you. What warms your heart or brings a smile to your face? For me, it’s watching my nieces grow up (I can’t tell you how many times I re-watch their cute videos!), laughing uncontrollably (I love stand-up comedy), lifting heavy things (I can deadlift 220 pounds now!), and being in nature. 
  5. Use your strengths. Oh my goodness. This one has been HUGE for me. It’s truly energizing to use your strengths. I’m reminded of this every time I’m feeling a little off or down, and then I get to coach a client or lead a resilience session, and I feel like myself again. If you don’t feel like you’re using your strengths regularly, seek out ways to flex them. Create opportunities for yourself at work, in the community, or in your relationships, and in those moments, you’ll shine.
  6. Divest from something that’s been taking your energy that doesn’t feel aligned. Coming home to yourSELF is a reclamation. By checking in with yourself to sense how you really want to spend your time and energy, and letting go of anything that doesn’t fit, you’re stepping into your integrity. 
  7. Remember what matters. Let it land right in your heart. Anchor yourself in your values. Be a beacon that radiates what you stand for rather than a sponge that soaks up everyone else’s stuff. 

How about you? What approaches do you use to come home to yourSELF? Leave a comment below & share your wisdom ✨

Let’s find our way home, shall we?