Sometimes I feel like a walking contradiction. I do Crossfit and I eat chocolate every day.  I am a yogi, and I want women to get in touch with their anger. I am all about healthy self-care, and I also binge-watch Netflix with Keegan. (It’s all about balance, right?)

Our current obsession is The Blacklist. It’s one of those high-intensity procedural dramas where the FBI has a special team that’s going around catching criminals in exciting and dramatic ways. Lizzie, the main character, is all-in when it comes to her career. She cancels date nights regularly and doesn’t seem to have a life outside of work. So imagine my surprise when, in an episode we were watching the other night, she said, “This job is not that important to me.”

Huh? Could’ve fooled me. I mean, if it’s not that important to her, why is she putting all of her time and energy into it? It seems to me that it’s the most important thing to her. (To be honest, in this case, she actually even loves her job. I’m sure it’s what she would be doing if money were no object, but I digress…)

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We’ve all been there. Sometimes we can suddenly wake up and wonder why we’re so committed to things that really, in our heart of hearts, aren’t important to us. That’s when we know we need to call a time out. It’s up to us to align the way we spend our time with what matters most to us. We must insist on living our priorities. Otherwise, what’s it all for…right?

When it comes to spending time and energy on what matters to you, how are you doing?
Are things nicely lined up, or could you use some refocusing?
What might that look like?
What do you want more of?
What do you want less of?
What little step can you take this week to move in that direction?


(Go do it, my love.)


Comment below, and let me know how you’re doing with this.

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