Writing is a HUGE part of my self-care. When I’m feeling stuck or off or overwhelmed, I can often write my way home. Here’s a poem I wrote recently about feeling UNGROUNDED. A feeling that I imagine many people are experiencing these days, without the same access to the people and things that light us up. I wanted to share here in the hopes that it might lead you home too.


Ungrounded, I feel as if I’m floating.
Not in an easy breezy free-to-be-me way.
Lost and adrift, looking for something
To hold on to.
Grasping, clinging, reaching
For whatever I can find that might
Let me come back down
To the ground.

Untethered, I feel as if I’m floating.
Anxiety creeps in
And my heart slips into my throat
Am I even breathing?
Does anyone see me?
I hope someone will pull me in
And help me come down
I want someone to just hold me.

Uprooted, I feel as if I’m floating.
Disconnected from the good kind of knowing.
Who I am, where I’m from,
Where I intend to go
Up here, I tend to search
Outside myself rather than within
And even though that never works out,
Here I am again.

Unsure, I feel as if I’m floating.
Seeking validation from anyone
Who’s willing to offer it
Outsourcing my power
Giving myself over
To circumstance

How long will this last?
When will it end?
Can I get through this?

At last, in a lucid moment, I realize
I must come home to myself. 

And I know what to do.

I feel my breath.
I listen to the beat of my own heart.
I sense my presence.
I allow myself to simply be.
Nothing to fix or figure out.
Nothing to prove.

Just this moment.
Just this breath.
Just this human heart.


My name is Brigid Dineen, and I am a Resilience Coach for Women on a Mission. Known for my deep empathy and grounded approach to personal growth, I have been teaching, coaching, and supporting women for over a decade as they learn to put themselves on the priority list. As the creator of Boundary Queen, I provide practical tools and strategies for self-care to help you reclaim your time, energy and peace of mind.

I believe in a world where wellbeing comes first – that includes the wellbeing of marginalized folx. I’m a fierce intersectional feminist, and this work is my feminism in action. Just so we’re clear, here’s where I stand:

Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter, Climate Change is Real, Trump is Terrifying, and the Pandemic is NOT a Hoax.

I share these views here because you deserve to work with someone who shares your values, so I want you to know mine up front.

“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.” (Irish Proverb) Let’s take care of one another. 

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