I’ve been told a lot of crap about women throughout my life. People have insisted that…

Women are vicious to one another.
Women can’t be friends.
An office full of women is a chaotic nightmare.

This has not been my experience. Instead…

Women have shown me such deep compassion and caring – and they’ve taught me to do the same for myself and for others.
Women have deep friendships based in empathy and understanding- not vicious competition.
An office full of women is a creative, inspired, and often hilarious place. 

The truth is that we are writing our own stories. We are trying to hard to figure it all out. We feel called to get it right. We insist on doing better. I love that about us.

In deep conversation yesterday, a friend asked, “What if we just lived the questions?”

I’m trying it on, and it feels good – expansive, open, curious. I often find myself rushing to answer, to figure things out, to nail it down.

Today, I thought I’d try a different approach and just share my questions with you. No bold statements or grand conclusions. I would simply love to be in conversation with you. I’d love to live the questions together.

On this International Women’s Day, I’m wondering…

How can we create a culture that nurtures our wholeness?
How can we come together in community in these busy times?
How can we anchor our pursuits in our values?
How we can we show up more fully for ourselves and for each other?
How can we create a better present (rather than future)?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I’d love to hear your questions too. Comment below, and let me know what’s on your heart. After all, I believe that this is part of the magical way in which women change the world…by sharing & bearing witness to one another’s hearts and minds. By living the questions together.