It’s Inspiration Week! Please vote for me here. Thank you!


I am so thrilled to be competing in Speaker Slam’s first-ever online Inspirational Speaking Competition! The stakes are high and I’d love your vote! 💜

I recorded this video on what was a tough day for me. It was an emotional morning and wasn’t feeling my best. I was already in the midst of a bit of a vulnerability hangover from something that happened earlier that day. 😳

It would have been very “me” to let the opportunity go and tend to my sadness instead, but I made a different choice last week. I followed through, and I actually felt a million times better after doing this. 

Because that’s what telling our stories does. It heals us and brings us home to ourselves. And it helps us rise together as we share our experiences. 👑

12 of us will move forward to compete on June 18th in front of 4 prestigious judges for a chance to win a $10,000 prize package and an opportunity to compete at the Grand Slam for the title of Inspirational Speaker of the Year!

8 competitors will be chosen by the Speaker Slam team and 4 will move forward through voting. Please take a second and vote, I would really appreciate your support!

Please vote for me here. Thank you!