I recently went to Blue Spirit in Costa Rica for DevaTree’s yoga training, Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas Muscle.The experience was so very rich. Everywhere I turned, I internalized a deep sense of knowing about something profoundly important to me. I’m sharing these little gems in a series of blog posts entitled “Life Lessons from the Blue Zone.” This is the third in the series. Check back next week for more!


There is a brightening now, setting in slowly

An offering

An invitation to come alive

In the dawn, a clearing

Making space for our creations

And so I rise like the sun

A natural ascent

Illuminating the beauty that resides on the Earth

The Source that enables us to appreciate the way the sky is painted like my grandmother’s watercolours

and the brightness within all things

the way light dances on the ocean and in the sparkle of a woman’s eye

It beckons us to bathe in the light

An invitation to take our place, to allow our natural ascent

Because anything else is unnatural..an interruption…a lie

Rumbling in the dark gives way to a symphony, a choir of birds

Singing the joy in their hearts for simply being alive.

Each song is unique, but each knows its tune

for it is the essence of their expression and it just pours forth

without apology or concern

There is great stillness but also movement beneath the canopy.

A stirring, a preparation to awaken the spirit.

Oh, sunrise, what wisdom will you share today?

Your energy is rising and you are lit so brightly from within that there is no stopping your shine. Allow yourself to rise. Don’t resist your nature, for it is what illuminates the world and helps others to see the beauty in all things. Let your expression be an invitation to all to awaken and take their place in the choir.

You will not always be at your peak, so respect this organic cycle. Allow yourself to build up, then take your rest. By flowing with the natural pace of your orbit, your energy will be balanced and you will be free.

With patience, I have awaited your arrival and now here you are, with me and the birds and trees and monkeys to witness your emergence. We knew you were coming. Your glow announced your approach. Your dawning is a gift, a blessing, and I bow deeply in gratitude to you. The way you shine makes us all shine, and so the fruits of your expression mark your particular beauty. Observed in isolation, you inspire wonder and amazement, and as your energy is transmuted and shared, it is amplified. Connection is felt, and that is what moves me.

Take my energy, and do likewise. Follow my lead. Continue to rise.