My mother did a fire walk last month, and it blew my mind.

She spent the majority of her life living by other people’s rules.

One day, she woke up.

She inspired me to write this poem in honour of her awakening.

I want to share it with you because she’s within you as well – the awakened woman. We’re all at different points on the journey. Perhaps you’re just beginning to consider that this may be true. Maybe you’ve invited her to the dance of life. Perhaps you’re living  fully from this place, with deep self-knowledge, trust in your own desire, and courage to forge your own path in this world.

I see you.

Here’s to the awakened woman in each of us – the Goddess gliding across the fire.

She traded egg shells for hot coals

Made a date with her own soul

Calling on Kali, she burned it all down

Weeping a lifetime of tears

Dated decades of careful performance

Burned, turned molten and grey

Revealing a rawness

she had only read about in books

Is this what it feels like to be born?

She understands her power now.

Her beauty. Her grace.

The poetry of her choices, her life.

Fear is merely a distraction

Best overcome through courageous action

So clear now under a September night sky

For days, ember stains

on the soles of her feet

Tell the story of the sacred dance

Looking in the mirror, she wonders,

Who am I?

Who is this woman who does epic shit?

That’s when the deep knowing comes in.

She was there all along

Patiently waiting for you to come home

And now you see who you’ve always been

A Goddess gliding across the fire.