When I read Lindsay Johnson’s blog post called “Finding the Love of My Life,” I KNEW we had much to discuss about self-love.

In it, she says, “I was great at listing my characteristics and my skills. I was great at defending my right to be here by listing my value to other people or my contribution to the world. I was great and valuing my worth based on what I did for others or on how others felt around me.

Do you know what I wasn’t great at?

Loving myself.”

I had a similar awakening many moons ago, and I think it’s something that affects many of us. The truth is that we’re often confused about what self-love actually is and exactly how it’s done.

In this episode, Lindsay and I dive deep into the delight of learning to love yourself. Take a listen, and share your insights in the comments below. I believe we need to normalize self-love, and the best way to start is by talking about it. So let me know your thoughts, and let’s keep the ball rolling!

Lindsay Johnson is passionate about building strong communities, while helping you connect more deeply to yourself, your business, and the world around you. She’s on a mission to move people into a place of radical self-acceptance and self-love. She does that by helping people become rockstar entrepreneurs.

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