Mandy Wintink is a revelation. She is brilliant, insightful, wise, deeply human, down to earth and willing to be vulnerable. She is an Educator, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, CEO, Social Entrepreneur, Provocateur, Mother, Woman, Athlete, Yogi, and Body Monologer. Above all, she is a self-described Self-Reflection Instigator. (Love that title!)

In this convo, we take a deep dive into (brace yourself!) FAILURE.

Let’s be honest. We’re all afraid of it. It happens to all of us. And it sucks.

So come along as Mandy shares her big, ironic failure story and the lessons she learned through the experience.

Mandy also shares what the science tells us about failure so that we can feel empowered rather than deflated about it.

Take a listen, and if you’re feeling brave, share one of your failures with me in the comments below.  💜

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