Do you find it hard to ask for what you want? Are you tired of waiting for people to read your mind? Do you tend to say too much and confuse the issue? If you’re ready to go from over-explaining to communicating with calm strength, this one’s for you.

Join Jenna Smith and I as we have a deep and meaningful conversation about speaking to be heard. Clear communication is such a game-changer, and we need to talk about it.


Creator of the You are the Manual self- development program, Jenna Smith runs an international business via Coaching, Counseling and Shamanic Intuitive services including one on one sessions, group programs, live retreats and speaking. Her mission is to reconnect people to their unshakeable centre, where all authentic knowing lives. Through understanding and integrating how to use our mind, body, heart, and spirit intelligence systems, we can get out of the muck of confusion and into our truth, purpose, power and JOY. We Come home to who we are, so we can live the life meant for us.

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Brigid Dineen is the Boundary Queen. She teaches women how to say “no” without feeling guilty.

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