It can be hard to stand up for ourselves – especially in the face of systems and experts whose answers leave us hanging. Learning to speak up for ourselves is such an essential life skill, and it can get even more challenging in situations where we’re set up to doubt ourselves.

Join me, Brigid Dineen, as I ask Christina Paruag all about her experience in learning to become her own advocate as she navigated chronic health issues from a young age…and see how these skills can apply to the rest of your life too.

Christina Paruag is CEO/Founder of FemEvolve, a platform and publication she launched in January 2018 due to her own struggles with health problems and realizing the lack of information there is surrounding taboo topics in women’s health. FemEvolve focuses on discussing women’s health and wellness from a scientific standpoint and living a balanced-life overall. Christina holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Physics and currently works in stroke and epilepsy research. She’s a board member of Crossbow Miles, a former Miss World Canada judge and a public speaker, sharing openly about her experiences to inspire and motivate others to live life to the fullest.

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Brigid Dineen is the Boundary Queen. She teaches women how to say “no” without feeling guilty.

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