Drum roll please!!!!

Introducing my first international guest on Guts & Grace!

I’m so glad that I met Satya last year. She inspires me with her bubbly energy, adventurous spirit, and badass life! Badassery, after all, is Satya’s specialty. She’s all about doing what you love in a way that feels good to you, rather than keeping your head down and doing what’s expected. And she’s built a beautiful life that way!

In this episode, we take a deep dive into what it actually looks like to build a life on your terms, and how to navigate the tensions and challenges that undoubtedly arise when you choose to forge your own path. If you want some inspiration to encourage you to march to the beat of your own drum, you are in the right place.

Satya walks the talk. From turning down a lucrative, practical job offer in her early 20’s to her solo travel adventures, she shows us how it’s done. We talk about how burning your bridges can sometimes be the best idea you ever had, how to find freedom by being brutally honest about what works for you and what doesn’t, making your own rules (and making more money), and how to move through the fear of it all.

Satya is the founder + brand strategist at ZAG Studios.

She helps creative entrepreneurs and service-based businesses create wildly profitable brands that stand out, command high rates, and attract incredible clients – easily.

She has helped hundreds of startups, creative entrepreneurs and fast-growing agencies stand out and dominate their market over the last few years.

Satya has been featured in some pretty cool places like Inc, Digital Marketing Summit Asia and Women 2.0. She splits her time between Singapore, Dubai and other countries with fast wifi.

You can find out more about Satya’s work and connect with her here: