I met Sarah a few years back through the magic of the internet and discovered that we’re almost neighbours. I was immediately smitten with her, as well as with her business name: Careergasm. So sassy! So bold!

Sarah describes a careergasm as follows:

“A careergasm happens when your work feels good. Like, really good. Like you and your work belong together.

And you can bet your ass it feels as good as it sounds.

A careergasm leaves you feeling happy and satisfied and fulfilled in your work. Not every second, but most of the time. You’ve got a hot date every Monday morning, and you show up over and over and over again because it just feels right. Mmmhmm. #slowjams”

Who doesn’t want that?

In this episode, Sarah gives us the goods on:

  1. Who gets to have a careergasm
  2. Whether or not you need to up-end your whole life to make it happen
  3. Her best advice for a woman who’s feeling pretty ho-hum about her job – we’re talking specific baby steps

Oh, and the story of Sarah’s own careergasm? Will completely inspire you.

Sarah Vermunt is the Founder of Careergasm and the author of Careergasm: Find Your Way To Feel-Good Work. She helps people figure out what the heck they want so they can quit jobs they hate and do work they love. She writes about careers for ForbesFortuneInc., and Entrepreneur. She lives in Toronto and online at Careergasm.com.