Do you try to force yourself to stick with your plans at all costs?

Do you expect yourself to be productive in exactly the same way every week? Every day?

The world seems to have agreed on a very linear expectation of constant and consistent flow – we show up every day at the same time and put out the same amount of work. This applies not only to our work, but also to our exercise habits, eating patterns, and social lives. Routine is revered as a way to keep yourself on track for maximum efficiency. I get that discipline and consistency are important, but I’ve started to wonder whether this approach is as helpful as we think it is.

What if the secret to getting more done and finding more fulfillment lay in giving yourself permission to do things your way?

What if you honoured your energy levels and explored your natural rhythms with curiosity?

What if you leaned into the cyclical timing of things, taking a cue from nature, rather than expecting yourself to show up the same way every day?

This is what Jenn Walker and I explore in this episode of Guts & Grace. We dive deep into surrender, moon cycles, taking cues from nature, and ultimately leading your life.

Jenn Walker inspires and supports amazing people so that they can lead the life they love.  She does this because she believes this will transform the world.  As we step into our own, and lead the life we love, we step into the world, leading with our hearts.  Leading with Creativity, Compassion, Love, Empathy, Playfulness, and Innovation is Game-Changing!

She imagines a world where we choose love over fear.  A world where we spring out of bed feeling a deep sense of belonging, connection and safety.  Where we move around our day knowing our purpose, and sharing our unique gifts, talents and strengths that only we have to give.

Jenn is a passionate coach, speaker, and facilitator that loves nothing more than to see people LIGHT UP.  Her gift is sharing simple strategies, techniques and exercises that change the confusion into clarity and that clarity into confidence.  She calls this process “OWNING YOUR AWESOME”, and as we own our awesome it allows everyone around us to own theirs as well. 

A relentless enthusiast, she sees life in possibilities and is excited to create and design our future together.  Currently there is a missing link between our heads and our hearts, Jenn is here to bridge that gap, and give people the life they dream of.

An athlete turn nomadic traveller, Jenn has been exposed to some of the most powerful perspectives and minds around the world.  She pulls from her massage and movement therapy experience to bring the somatic to the strategy within her coaching practice.  In her downtime, Jenn lives in the town of The Blue Mountains, where she can be found running in the trails or snowshoeing in the mountains.

Take a listen above, and share what resonates in the comments.

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