Welcome! I’m really looking forward to spending time with you. This is a space for connection, introspection, compassion, and transformation. This a place to land for strong, smart women who are digging deep and living with purpose & pleasure.

“It is in the shelter of one another that people live.”

(Irish Proverb)

I’m motivated by a deep interest in how exactly we find the momentum to move forward and cultivate sustainable change in our lives. Surrounded by short-term, temporary “solutions,” we’ve been left to figure out for ourselves what really works once the gimmicks have faded. I’ve spent many years on this path, testing and digging in, and I’m delighted to share my insights & processes with you.

When we finally shut out the noise, we begin to hear our own truth. It starts out as a whisper, and as you listen, the volume rises and clarity follows.

Can you hear it?

Look within, get familiar with what feels right for you, and allow your true self to speak up and guide you.

We’re in this together. It’s time to shine your light.

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