Want to know how to ease anxiety? Read on.

Our minds are built to be busy. Really. Their job is to analyze and predict, keeping us safe from danger. Throughout human history, this has meant our very survival.

But we reach a tipping point where it’s not helpful anymore.

It’s just repetitive noise. Keeping us stuck and ruminating, unable to make clear decisions, and feeling unsettled. Most people experience this to some degree at some point in their lives.

Me? I experienced it full-force for years. I became so self-conscious, constantly worried that I would make the wrong decision, offend someone, or worst of all, that someone would figure out that I don’t really have it all together. (That last one is a secret fear that I think many of us have…but that’s for another note.)

The world around me felt like an unforgiving place…and sometimes that’s true. Even more true was that the voice in my head was unforgiving, and that’s what affected me most.

People try many different things to ease anxiety. We cope in healthy and unhealthy ways. On a good day, we might go for a walk, talk with a friend, or do some gentle yoga. On a not-so-good day,  we might shop, drink to relax, eat for comfort, or numb out with Netflix.

Here are 4 healthy things to try when you need to ease anxiety:

1) Breathe. Our breath is amazing. I always want to say that it’s magical, but really, it’s science. I kinda feel like science can be magical too, right? This is all one big miracle, IMO. OK. Magic or science or both – you decide. What we do know is that slow, conscious breathing slows the heart rate and helps calm the mind, helping to ease anxiety. In other words, it interrupts our stress response so we can recover. (Learn these techniques in Breathing Room, my free 5-day program)

2) Get into your body. When we’re feeling anxious, it’s helpful to get out of our minds and into the body. Really, any kind of movement helps. Going for a walk or run doing yoga, dancing, and lifting weights can all help. Physical activity brings us into the moment as we focus on the task at hand, which goes a long way to quelling a busy mind.

3) Practice self-compassion. Recognize that being stuck in worry is a very common part of the human experience. After all, we were built to look out for and anticipate danger. It’s something we all feel. It’s difficult to carry this experience of worry and distress. It’s hard to move through your day and your life like this. Can you send some care and compassion to the part of you that’s suffering? You are not alone. Show yourself some kindness to ease anxiety. How to order Viagra https://surgicaleducation.com/viagra/ learn more about this.

4) Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is a fantastic way to work directly with the mind. Notice that you’re thinking. Recognize that this worry is simply activity in the mind. You are not your thoughts. See if you can observe your thoughts from a distance, simply watching as they come and go.

I use each of these methods regularly to calm my busy mind. I’d love to hear from you. What methods do you love?

You deserve some Breathing Room.

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