Do you find yourself thrown off by other people’s energy?


You know, when your day is going fabulously well, then someone walks in and seems to drain the energy out of the room?


If you’re affected by other people’s vibes, it can be difficult to endure meetings and social functions. You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed or suddenly self-conscious or anxious.


If you can relate, I want you to try something.


Remember that you are made of energy too. You have a vibe. You can choose to embody and project what you want rather than absorbing whatever’s around you.


Feel your own two feet connected to the earth.

Feel your breath as it moves in and out.

Feel the beat of your own heart.

Remember what matters to you.

Choose a quality you’d like to embody and to share with the world around you.

Imagine planting its seed in your heart, and feed it with every breath.

Allow it to grow bigger, until it fills you up.

Allow it to grow even more, until it’s all around you.


As you stand in this energy, recognize that you can create your own vibe. You can amplify it. You can let it radiate outward, like a lighthouse.


You might even imagine walking around in a big energy bubble full of everything that feels supportive to you.


Other people’s stuff? It bounces right off.


YOUR vibe is strong.


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