You are powerful beyond measure. Your presence is a force. Your essence is a blessing.


But sometimes you forget. (I do too.)


Sometimes you feel small, drained, deflated. Unable to make an impact.


The truth gets drowned out by our culture.

Your power gets diluted by your Inner Critic.

You might even feel like you’re losing yourself in it all.


This is your friendly reminder that YOU are the boss of you.


It’s time to call your power back.


I offer you this simple exercise to remember who you are.


Stand in a way that feels spacious and dignified.

Take a few slow, steady breaths.

Notice the beat of your own heart.

Feel the support of the Earth beneath you.


Say aloud, “I am {say your name}.”

Say it again.

Say it with a little more enthusiasm.

Say it with conviction.

Say it again, and stretch your arms out to your sides.

Take up space, and say it again.

Notice what it feels like to be you.


Now go out there, and be yourSELF.

Stand in your power and remember who you are.