A number of times over the past couple of weeks, women have told me the ways in which they want more for themselves. In some ways, I think this is every woman. Maybe you can relate.


Wants more support from her partner.

Desires higher compensation for her hard work.

Craves better relationships with her parents.

Wishes she had more time for exercise.

Yearns take a trip of a lifetime to Italy.


And then she quickly tells me, “But, you know, I shouldn’t complain. My life is pretty great. I have so many good things going on…I should just be grateful.”

Somewhere deep down, she believes that wanting more makes her greedy. Wanting more rocks the boat. Wanting more invites discomfort. Her loved ones might be uncomfortable as she raises the bar or asks for things to change.

Deep down, she doesn’t want to feel the discomfort of not having that which she desires. So instead of turning things up and going after it, she turns her desire down. She convinces herself that her wants are not that important, and that really she’s not settling. But she is, isn’t she?

As women, we might not have learned that our wanting is ok. So, I’d like to put it out there.

Your desire is more than ok.

Your wanting can be harnessed as life-force.

Your yearning will fuel you to build the life of your dreams – the life you deserve.

A life where you know what you want.

A life where you speak up for yourself.

A life where people around you are inspired by you.

A life where those you love want to come along for the ride as you reach higher.

Please, let yourself want stuff. You are not greedy. You are not complaining. You can be grateful and also want things – these are not mutually exclusive concepts. It is possible to have a heart full of thanks for all that you appreciate in your life, and at the same time, hold a vision for something better….and actually go after it.

I invite you to let your desire come out to play.

Comment below and complete the following sentence: “If I’m really honest with myself, I want…”

Or just whisper it to your own heart. But do make space for it, because it holds the key to your freedom & your happiness.

I honour your desires. I acknowledge the quiet place in you that secretly wants more.

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