Yes Baby

“Yes” and I started to play together about a year and a half ago. In the past, I might have turned down opportunities if they just seemed too complicated logistically, or if I felt under-qualified, or if I could dream up any half-baked reason why it didn’t make sense. I was tired of feeling small, like I wasn’t living up to my potential or making the contribution to the community that I so deeply felt called to make.

I started to think, “What if I said yes?” I had a feeling that if I started to say yes, the universe would say it back to me. So I shifted my perspective and embraced the idea that everything is possible, and that’s when the magic began…

Saying YES! led to so many fabulous, expansive things:

  1. Appearing in a yoga TV show (Brand New Day on Rogers TV)
  2. Co-producing YOGAPALOOZA – a festival of movement, music & meditation
  3. Finally committing to a daily yoga and meditation practice (after years of secretly being embarrassed to be a yoga teacher that didn’t practice every day)
  4. Becoming a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner
  5. Becoming a certified Laughter Yoga Leader
  6. Finally starting volunteer work, teaching yoga and laughter yoga at Interval House, Gilda’s Club and Homesfirst Shelter
  7. Teaching yoga at a mental health agency
  8. Becoming a life coach
  9. Reaching out to build new connections with women who inspire me


We all feel stuck sometimes, wishing that life would expand and open up for us.

Here’s the deal: LIFE opens up and expands in direct proportion to the openness and expansiveness of YOU.

You can let go of what doesn’t serve you. You can ditch limiting beliefs so that you can live a better life. You can connect to your body’s wisdom to know what’s right for you. How to order Cialis learn more about this.

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