I feel so blessed to know Paul. He’s the kind of guy you feel like you’ve known forever. I think it’s because he’s so at home with himself that you feel right at home just being around him. That’s why I’m so glad he said “yes” to being the first male guest on the podcast! Woo hoo!

In this episode, Paul drops some truth about how to navigate discomfort – because we know we’ve got to face it if we’re going to grow, right? While a lot of the self-help advice out there might expect you to sprinkle some glitter on shit and pretend it doesn’t stink, Paul and I both advocate for keeping it real and cultivating resilience. This convo is juicy!

Paul Galloro is an advocate for Love and shares the message of miracle-mindedness through his ministry, 1:1 soul coaching practice, spiritual workshops, and online meditation programs. For more information on his work visit www.paulgalloro.com.


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