I sometimes still find myself getting caught up in the myth of hustling for productivity. Clinging to the idea that more is more and rest can wait. When I fall into that trap, I’ll remember this conversation with Sandra.

There is tremendous value to rest. In fact, it’s an essential part of the creative process, and often it bolsters our productivity too. Check out this episode of Guts & Grace where Sandra and I take a deep dive into the theme of “She rests to create.”

Sandra Kahale is the Founder of Explore Entrepreneurship, where she encourages, advises, connects, and inspires business owners at all stages — from start-up to growth — on their journey as entrepreneurs. She is also the consummate hostess, with a gift for creating environments that feed the body, mind, and soul. Her invitation-only, all-day Confab networking parties for growth-minded entrepreneurs are a fan favourite. Sandra is all about connecting entrepreneurs with themselves and each other in a supportive, peer-to-peer environment, as they tackle the big questions, and the little ones, about creating a business and life on your own terms. You can connect with Sandra and find out more about her work at www.exploreentrepreneurship.com, and @exploreentrepreneurship on Facebook and Instagram.

Finding it difficult to take time for yourself to relax? Try this.