It’s so draining to have your sense of value all tied up in your productivity. And yet, it’s no wonder. Our culture promotes and perpetuates this story at every turn. But lately I’ve noticed that more of us are having the conversation. More and more people are noticing that it doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t work for them.

In this episode of Guts & Grace, Priyanka Saju and Brigid Dineen take a deep dive into how to decouple these concepts, so that you can know your worth even when you’re resting. Even when you’re not monetizing your hobbies. Even when you’re keeping some things just for you.

Priyanka is a Toronto-based writer, poet and follower of creative impulses. She embraced writing as a medium to give voice to her unresolved feeling about her cross-cultural upbringing, the pursuit of success, and the nature of womanhood, self-acceptance and resilience. She is a woman of many hyphens, but considers Writer-Explorer-Diviner closest to her centre.

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Brigid Dineen is the Boundary Queen. She teaches women how to say “no” without feeling guilty.

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